Monday, March 23, 2015

A Birthday Party for the Bigs

One really nice thing about all my kids' birthdays being in the same month is that we can throw joint birthday parties. I know that not everyone would like this, but so far it has worked out really well for us. And, Brianna and Brenson don't seem to mind. They think that all siblings share birthday parties!

Three years ago - when Brianna turned two - I threw her a birthday party even though baby Brenson was only 8 days old at the time. I said then that I would never do that again! It was EXHAUSTING to throw a party with a newborn (duh). Of course, I never dreamed that I would have more February babies, so I didn't think the issue would come up again (surprise!)

When we realized that the twins were also going to be February babies, I started thinking about what I wanted to do regarding the big kids' birthdays. We decided that we would do a small, family-only party on Saturday, February 14th. I truly kept it low-key (I didn't really have a choice since the babies were only 11 days old) with just a few decorations that I already had, a cake we ordered from the store, and take-out pizza. My goal was for it to be fun for the birthday kiddos and low-stress for me. Both were accomplished!

How is it my babies are already 3 and 5 years old? Time, please slow down! (I had my sister custom make these shirts . . . aren't they so cute?!?)

We were so excited that my parents were able to share in our celebration!

G-Jo holding Brooke, Grampy holding Brecklyn

We longed for and prayed for and tried for these babies for SO long. Now, we are living the dream.
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Chris's parents, grandparents, and sister and family were able to join us for the party, as well as my parents and my sister and family. This was his grandparents' first time meeting the babies. Our sleepy sweeties were so good this day and just let everyone pass them around. Grandma snuggled Brooke for a long time.

Meme with Brecklyn

Isn't this the sweetest picture?

I already wrote about how I had a few small gifts for the kiddos purchased and wrapped several weeks before the babies were born. I had also ordered and gotten their shirts, thought about the party (guests, food, etc), and we had purchased their big, shared gift. I knew I wanted to order a cake, but waited until a few days before the party to do it. Actually, I sent Chris to the store to order it. I wasn't very specific regarding what I wanted - and cake ordering isn't exactly Chris's forte - so we ended up with a super ugly cake. He requested tie-die, but didn't specify colors, so I think the bakery just decided to use left-over Mardi Gras colors. Ugh. Also, he forgot to have it personalized with the kids' names (and I didn't specify that, either). So, yeah. We were unimpressed with the cake, for sure. Brianna told one of my friends that we got her a mold cake for her party, ha! And don't you know that everyone's mouths were black after eating that mess of frosting!

We had the kids open their gifts from their party guests at the party, but we waited to give them their big gift until most everyone had left.

I love this face! My spunky girl is so easy to please and gets excited about every single gift she opens.

And this photo makes me laugh as Brianna is very obviously reading this card to her cousin :-).

Bren is also a pleasure to watch open gifts because he is the most grateful little guy. He stops and thanks people as he opens and even passes out hugs.

It was a gorgeous day weather-wise, so after eating and gift-opening, the kids played outside for several hours. Most of the adults stayed inside to visit and pass the babies around.

Chris's grandpa with Brecklyn and grandma with Brooke:

This was also Valentine's Day, so I dressed my little love-bugs accordingly :-).

Brooke (top) and Brecklyn partied it up for their big siblings' birthdays!

Brenson went down for nap at about 1:30pm and several of our guests left at that time. After he got up, we took them out into the garage to open their big gift from us.

They couldn't wait to see what it was!

Is it this? A truck?

Why yes, yes it is!!! Haha!

So, so excited about their new truck!

As soon as the guys got it put together, the kids hopped in for a ride. Brenson decided to drive the girls around.

Of course, Brianna had to have her turn at driving. Watch out world!

And, even Chloe Jo took a turn in the driver's seat.

They've already enjoyed hours of fun in this truck! I think we'll be glad we purchased it (especially with two more coming up to use it eventually).

Even though I think I'm kind of crazy to throw a birthday party when I have 11 day old twins, it ended up being a wonderful day. We were all really happy with how it worked out and for a chance to celebrate our kids with family. 

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