Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Twin Nursery Reveal

It's no secret on here that Chris and I wanted more babies after Brenson was born. Even in the face of miscarriage, we still dared to dream of one day adding to our family. For a long time after our miscarriages, I would really avoid anything "baby". However, as time passed and as we geared up to go through fertility treatments again, I began to embrace the hope to have more and even started dreaming about names, what a nursery would look like, etc. I even had a Pinterest board I called "Baby Next" full of ideas, including ideas for a nursery. 

After finding out we were expecting again, Chris and I decided early on that we would not be finding out the gender of the baby before birth day. However, I wanted to have the nursery mostly completed before the baby came. My plan was to decorate a room in navy and gray, then add either bright pink or teal accents after the baby was born. I wanted a subtle nautical theme, and thought this would be the perfect way to execute that!

Then, we found out we were expecting twins. That changed everything!

I wrote here about our decision to stay in our house and have the Bigs share a bedroom. I also revealed how their bedroom is arranged and decorated here. As you know, we decided to go ahead and find out our babies' genders before they were born, and knowing we were expecting two girls changed my vision for the nursery.

I have always loved lavender and purple, and Brianna's nursery was decorated in those colors. I quickly decided that I wanted the twins' nursery to also be primarily lavender and purple. I did add just a bit of pink and gray in there, as well. This allowed me to run with my favorite color scheme, while also being able to recycle many of the decorations from Brianna's nursery. That was a win in my book!

Our first step in creating the nursery was to repaint. This room was previously Brenson's nursery, so it had three blue walls and one orange wall. I decided I wanted to paint two walls a very light lavender color, while making the other two walls a darker lavender. Of course, Chris did all of the painting, and I loved the way the colors turned out! 

Entering the room from the hallway, this is what you see: 

You can see the difference in wall color well in this photo. Each baby has their own crib and their own dresser in the room.

This is looking at Brecklyn's dresser and Brecklyn's crib. I purchased the three framed prints from Etsy. I actually purchased the file, then printed and framed them myself.

The middle one says, "Jesus love me this I know, for the Bible tells me so."

My Dad made both dressers for the girls. They are a beautiful work of art that will hopefully be a keepsake for them. We keep sheets, swaddles, blankets, changing pad covers, and clothes that are too big in Brecklyn's dresser.

This photo is taken from Brecklyn's dresser looking to the other side of the room.

This photo is taken from the cribs looking toward the hallway. The double doors is the closet. The bookshelf is Brenson's, but there is not room in the Big Kid Room for it. Instead, we put all the baby books on it and left it in the twins' room. On top of the bookshelf is a lamp that was in Brianna's nursery (I replaced the ribbon tie on it), and a framed print that was a gift we had received for Brianna. It says, "I am a child of God." The clock was also from Brianna's nursery, as well as the Laugh sign above the door.

This pennant border I made specifically for this room. I think it turned out pretty cute!

The one window in the room is on the opposite wall from the closet and bookshelf. My mom made these curtains for me using blackout, lavender curtains we got at Wal-mart, fabric from Jo-Ann's, and pink ribbon from Hobby Lobby. This is such a cost effective way to make cute curtains that still keep the room dark!

The curtain rod is one of my favorite touches in the room. Of course, Brianna loves it too as she helped pick it out :-).

Above each crib, I wanted the girls' names to be displayed. However, I didn't want to do a vinyl sticker. We had done that in Bren's nursery and found that the texture on our walls is a bit too thick for it to work well. Instead, I found these pegboards with hanging letters on Etsy. I adore the way they look in the room!

Along with their names, I also wanted each crib to have a mobile. I found a photo of a mobile similar to this one on Pinterest one day and decided that it was the one I wanted! My sister helped me make them, and I was even happier with the end result than I thought I would be!

On top of Brecklyn's dresser sit two ceramic coin banks that the girls got for Easter. The owl one is Brooke's,

and the horse belongs to Brecklyn.

We use the top of Brooke's dresser as our changing station. We keep diapers, wipes, rash creams, etc in the top drawer of her dresser, while the other drawers are full of clothes and sleepers. Next to the dresser, you can see the diaper genie on one side, and a bow holder on the other side.

My sister made this bow holder when Brianna was a baby. It used to hang in her room, but she agreed to move it into the babies' room where it matches better. However, Brianna will remind us often that the bows are for all of the girls to share :-).

I love the little details of the dresser . . . the decorative bead in each drawer and the knobs and handles my dad picked out for them. 

Above Brooke's dresser are two shelves. I decorated each shelf with framed prints and other things that I just thought were fun. The framed "B" I made for Brianna's nursery and just moved it into the twins' nursery. The "Smile" was also in Brianna's nursery (it sat on her dresser). The other two framed prints I purchased from Etsy, printed, and framed (all of the white frames in this room are from Wal-mart).

On the other shelf is a "B" that I purchased and decorated (more about it below). The "So Loved" sign was used as a decoration at the shower my besties had for me before the girls were born, and the framed "Twin Girls" print is actually the invitation to that shower. The small white frame with the ribbon says, "Love at first sight" and it holds an early ultrasound photo where you can clearly see both babies.

So, about this "B". After our second miscarriage, I was out by myself one day, came across it at the store, and couldn't help myself. I knew that if we ever had any more babies that I'd want that "B" for their nursery, but at the time the prospect of having any more seemed very bleak to us. Chris thought I was crazy at the time (and honestly, I kind of thought I had lost it a little as well), but I just put it away in a place where I wouldn't see it often . . . daring to hope that we would be blessed with another baby. I had forgotten about it until a few months before the girls were born. Immediately, I decorated it with some fabric flowers I had on hand and a strip of purple, sparkly ribbon I used on the mobiles, and I put it up in the twins' nursery. I love it! It reminds me that sometimes a little bit of hope can go a long, long way, and that God was so faithful to our dreams and hopes.

Close-up of the ultrasound photo :-).

I adore this gold heart print!

One last part of the room that I want to show you is the closet. Yes, I'm brave :-).

The closet is full of dresses in various sizes for the babies. All of these dresses were either Brianna's as a baby or ones we received from the LeFlores (our friends with 2 year old twin girls). On the very top shelf are two giant Mickey Mouses and one giant Minnie Mouse (you can see all the yellow feet), a few throw pillows, and a few blankets. On the shelf next to the higher rack of hanging clothes are more blankets. We have lots of baby blankets! On the shelf below the higher rack of hanging clothes are three baskets. One basket holds socks, one holds hats, and one has books that wouldn't fit on the bookshelf. You can also see several big toys and a toy box. The toy box is one that my dad made for my Granny and Pappy, and it lived at their house for over 30 years. When they sold their house, I asked for the toy box. I hope it will live at my house until I'm a grandma!

Just like in the Big Kids' Room, we have a shelf that Chris and my Dad built that holds canvas bins (purchased at Home Depot). In these bins are burp cloths, baby books, and baby toys. Yes, we own a lot of baby books!

On the door of the closet is a canvas organizer where we keep allllllllll of the babies' size 2 and 3 shoes. They have a crazy number of shoes (each pouch has at least 2 pairs)! Between what we had kept from Brianna, what the LeFlores handed down to us, and what Tia has handed down to us, it is kind of ridiculous! These girls have shoes to match every outfit!

I had so much fun putting this room together, and I truly love how it all turned out. I hope someday the girls can see all the love and thought that went into this room for them!


Cheryl said...

Very cute room! It's great that you could use so many items you previously had but made everything look new for the babies. The dressers your dad made are just priceless items I'm sure you'll treasure.

JoJo said...

So much love in this room. I'm sure the girls will appreciate it when they get older.