Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Nursery Crafting!

Little by little, I've been completing projects for Brenson's nursery. I've shown a couple of the projects here and here. I hope it's not too annoying to you that I've only been revealing the nursery a bit at a time, but like I mentioned in another post, it won't be completely finished before he arrives because we are waiting on a few pieces of furniture. After it's all completed, I will do a post where I finally reveal the whole thing! 

Okay, so this is the wall that you see when you first walk in the room. We hung these two small shelves and I needed something to put on them. I covered the paper mache' B with fabric, and also made the framed print. 
Here is an upclose of the framed print:
My friend, Joy Lin, had seen something similar to this on Etsy and sent the photo to me in an email. I loved it, but wanted to tweak it a bit, so I made my own instead of ordering the one from Etsy. I printed the brown words on my printer, then cut the colored letters out of scrapbooking paper. I added a bit of ink, mounted it on blue paper, and framed it (in a 5x7 frame). I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

During a visit to my favorite store (The Hob Lob), I purchased an unfinished wooden B for the nursery. I had actually purchased a large gold B and spray-painted it, but it didn't turn out at all like I thought it would/should. The color was off and it needed some texture, but when I tried to add some dimension it just made it worse. Anyway, so I chunked that B and decided to cover this one is scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a few buttons instead. After 4 (yes, 4!) different versions, I finally settled on this one:
I can't remember the last time that I've had to do and redo a craft project so many times! I actually loved the first version, but it didn't look right with the frame. Then, the second version was too bright for the room . . . too much color for my taste. The third version was unbalanced looking, but I think I like this version pretty well. I won't say I love it, but I'm happy with it. I purchased the open-back frame at The Hob Lob (it's an 11x14 sized frame), added to ribbon to the top, and hung it all on the wall.

Finally, the curtains:
I couldn't find any window treatments that I liked for this room. I needed a full, black-out curtain for this room (it gets a ton of sun during the day and there is a pole light that shines in it during the night), so a valence would not work. All of the window treatments that I found online were too cutesy or too plain or too expensive, etc. Anyway, so I got this idea to buy plain brown black-out curtains from Wally World (very reasonably priced), a bit of ribbon and fabric from The Hob Lob, and put them together. My mom was kind enough sew the fabric and ribbon on the curtains for me, and I love the finished product!
Functional and cute (but not too cute!) . . . I wanted something with just a little color but not too much. These are perfect!

We also hung this little elephant hanger (purchased at Hobby Lobby . . . notice a trend?). I didn't make it or anything hanging on it, I just thought it looked so cute with Brenson's little coat and hats hanging on it!

Hopefully, the next nursery update I do will be a complete reveal! I am definitely happy with how things are coming together in there, so I can't wait to see it all finished!


Sarah said...

Everything looks so cute!! You have done a wonderful job!

Mallorie said...

Oh I LOVE it so far! Can't wait to see the rest! :-)

Life With Lauren said...

It looks amazing!

Lisa said...

Love it! I can't wait to see the headless giraffe on the wall! Heh.

Elana said...

That quote from 1 Samuel is one of my all-time favorites. I got it in vinyl and have it on the wall of the nursery. The first time I saw it I cried. Great choice!

Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

I miss hobby lobby.... all we have is Michael's and A.C. Moore. NOT EVEN IN THE SAME CATEGORY OF FANTASTIC!