Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Four years later: A reflection

Are you all watching the Olympics? I'm not a big sports watcher, but I love the Olympics! It's funny because I always say that the Summer Olympics are my favorite, then the Winter Olympics roll around and they are my favorite, too.

I can remember being pretty small and watching with my family. Maybe that's why I enjoy them so much . . . because they are tied closely to good memories from my childhood. I distinctly remember watching the 1992 Olympics in my living room with my siblings and parents and just having the best time. 

However, when I think about watching the Olympics four years ago, my thoughts are immediately taken to the other things going on in my life at the time. That year - 2008 - was a definitely a hard year. It certainly had high points, like our 3 week mission trip to Africa, but for the most part that year is defined by the ups and downs of our fertility treatments. Mostly downs. And I kind of hate that, but it is what it is.

And during the 2008 Olympics? I remember how I felt while watching them more than what I actually watched. We had just begun our first cycle where we were using injections, and the cycle wasn't going well. My body wasn't responding to the meds in a favorable way (that cycle ended up being cancelled), but all the extra hormones were making me an emotional mess. I cried through pretty much every win and every loss and every medal ceremony aired on TV! 

It was also during this time that my sister announced she was pregnant. Now, please don't misunderstand me: I was thrilled for my sister. My heart overflowed with joy for her. But, separate and apart from my happiness for her, I was heartbroken for me. It was just such. a. hard. time. And I remember sitting in my living room and watching the 2008 Olympics with the emptiest arms and the heaviest heart, yearning for a baby with which to share the experience. 

My, how things have changed in four years.

This year, as I've watched the games almost every night, I've held Brianna and fed Brenson and folded baby clothes and answered a million questions from a two-year-old about what "those mans" and "those womans" are doing. I've struggled to hear the commentators over a crying baby and laughed when Brianna jumped and clapped for Team USA. I'm pretty sure I haven't watched a single medal ceremony all the way through.

And I have marveled at God's faithfulness to my family and my dreams. 

May I never take for granted how God has poured His blessings on me.


Lisa said...

Isn't it funny how we remember the same thing so differently? I remember the 2008 Opening ceremony as the day I found out I was going to have Chloe Jo. I knew it was difficult for you and I'm still sorry about that. But we both have beautiful babies now and God has blessed our lives so much!

Joy Lin said...

God really IS faithful. This is perhaps my favorite post you've ever written.